Coffee has long been a staple in the work environment and has fueled many of us through long days in the office.

We are frequently being asked to provide an in-house coffee service as a sign of good will and appreciation to staff for all their hard work and commitment. It may be something you choose to do as a bonus for your team?

We offer a fully bespoke service whether it be for three hours or as a month long thank you, whatever suits your budget.

Work perks are welcomed by all employees and have been shown to improve productivity levels as well as mood and energy levels. We offer static and mobile pop-ups for that Friday coffee pick me up. We can also provide refreshments for team building events or those days away from the office.

If you are unable to house an espresso bar service, we can provide a filter coffee service or, if you have the space, we could place our coffee van outside your building.

It is a fantastic way to reward your team, showing them, that they are your most valued commodity.