Coffee Hire

Everyone likes free stuff! How many times have you been to an event or show and came home with a bag full of cheap pens and key rings that will be thrown in the drawer and never looked at again? Delegates, visitors or prospective buyers love to have the chance to engage over an amazing hot drink. It gets their attention, and breaks the ice masterfully. Just the aroma from our gourmet coffee draws people in.

Having people at your stand attracts more people, a queue of people causes excitement; having the theatre of the espresso machine and the aroma of the grinders can only enhance the presence of your brand.

Having the busiest stand at the show is great, but also gives your team a chance to gain more positive leads whilst engaging over something personal. This is where our coffee bars really provide the best return for our clients.

Even if you’re not a fan of trade shows or technology fairs, we’ve still got something for you. We cover all types of corporate or private coffee bar hire, so if you don’t see your perfect package on our website, ask us and we’ll create one.


Basic Package ‘Indoor Only’

  • 2.5 hour coffee service, inclusive of 100 drinks
  • Suitable for 50-75 guests

Basic Package ‘Outdoor Only’

  • 3.5 hour coffee service, inclusive of 200 drinks
  • Suitable for 100-150 guests


Available options:

  • 3 – 12 hour service
  • 200 – 1500 drinks included
  • Suitable for 50 – 500 guests

An indoor only service where we treat guests to ‘The Baron;’ our espresso and milk based coffee offering from Climpson & Sons, and for the non-coffee drinkers, we carry a selection of silk tea bags including English Breakfast, Sapphire Earl Grey and Chai black tea, and luxury drinking chocolate.

From our dynamic mobile coffee house, we also offer our own house blend of chilli hot chocolate, a wonderful mix of quality drinking chocolate and spices, all wrapped up in a brilliantly warming hit of pepper and cocoa. We offer both porcelain drink-in mugs and high-quality disposable cups in this package.

This hire package is suitable for press events, intimate business events and private functions, where the focus is on your guests. A full list of products is available on request.


  • 4 hour service
  • 250 drinks
  • Offering an outdoor service focused on the promotion for your business, campaign or product. Also available for sporting events and private hire.

Within our mobile coffee van package we offer an outdoor service with our mobile coffee station at the core of proceedings. We focus on the promotion for your business, campaign or product. Our mobile coffee van is also available for sporting events and private hire.

We offer a chance for your promotional staff to engage customers, gain some quality leads and deliver your message over a free luxury coffee or drink. We include vehicle branding and can cater for other branding options on request, including cupcakes, napkins, cups and more.

We offer 8oz black triple-walled disposable cups and single walled 4oz espresso cups.

Full catering service available, including breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack menus


Available options:

  • 8 Hour service
  • 1, 2 or 3 Barista
  • 400 + drinks included
  • Branding for sides or frontage of coffee bar(s)
  • Many Branding options available Contact us for more details
  • Filter coffee availability
  • All UK venues covered as well as overseas locations
  • Suitable for Trade shows, Conferences, Exhibitions, Networking events and many more.

A coffee bar or coffee van service, aiming to attract visitors to your stand and help your team conquer the exhibition hall. Great for generating new leads and contacts over a cup of our finest – or just offering great hospitality that people will remember. For this service we offer 8oz triple-walled disposable cups and single walled 4oz espresso cups.

Our talented and friendly baristas can make up to 500 beverages per day per barista. Think about the quality time that your staff will have whilst delegates wait to place their order and await a taste sensation to arrive. Once they have the drink in hand you can continue to swap details or wish them well and move to the next happy waiting delegate.

As part of our coffee machine hire for exhibitions, we offer 8oz sized Black triple walled disposable cups and single walled 4oz espresso cups for this service.


  • 6 hour service
  • 300 drinks

Much like our standard packages, we offer our luxury coffee, teas and hot chocolate, combined with the best service and friendliest attitude. However, this service enables you to work with your set builders to ensure you have the maximum impact.


  • Pre arranged timings for Coffee service starting from only 3 hour service to 24 hours.
  • Day, night and multiple day service available
  • Suitable for up to 150 cast and crew members
  • We provide a selection of water, soft drinks, snacks, crisps and a range of hand-made cookies & bakes.
  • Full catering service available (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & snack menu)

Having covered studio and location shoots, we know how much we are appreciated when we set up and they see we serve our gourmet coffee. Many outside caterers don’t cover the upmarket side of coffee, but when the cast & crew are treated for their works, it provides an unbeatable pick me up for the rest of the shoot.

We bring along gourmet crisps , flavoured or carbonated water, amazing bakes and a few other little treats to keep you going.

We carry both full fat and semi-skimmed cows milk, along with soya. All other types of milk are covered upon request. Any other dietary requirements such as Gluten Free products are also available with our range of snacks.

Full catering packages and all dietary requirements are catered for upon request.


We don’t just do amazing hot drinks, fabulous cookies and homemade bakes, We also offer a full range of catering options from street food to fine dining.

We have run multiple pop up contracts within London universities, offering a full range of hot and cold freshly made breakfast and lunch options.

We offer a full catering concierge to some London based brands and have regular monthly bookings for events catering for numbers up to 400 people to date. Throughout the year we can be found at an array of shows under private hire agreements, or at public events and festivals.

If you would like to hire a coffee bar, or need more information on our full range of services, please contact us today.


We offer our clients packages to suit their needs, offering a five star service that provides coffee machine hire for conferences, networking events, breakfast clubs, weddings, Christmas and summer parties. We have catered for some large charities and have a commitment to them for our ongoing help and support for years to come.

We can help with:

  • Launches
  • Meetings, away days, junkets & conferences
  • Private dining
  • Premières & corporate parties
  • Private viewings
  • Networking breakfasts, lunches & canapés
  • Press days
  • VIP lunches
  • Themed events
  • Festivals
  • Summer & Christmas parties
  • Brand experiences
  • VIP shoot catering
  • Awards shows & dinners
  • Fashion shows

If your event already has an espresso machine, we offer a ‘Barista hire’ service. Hourly charges apply.

All prices are based within Central London and will have 20% VAT added upon full quotation request.

Congestion charges, hotels, parking, meals and any other external charges will be applied to the final invoice, this will be agreed upon before any agreement is in place.