First time hiring a van to serve mobile coffee at your event? If so, you might not be sure exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t worry; here are a few overarching questions to consider beforehand, and a good service provider will then work with you to clarify the details!

  • Tell your mobile coffee van supplier from the outset as much detail about your event as possible. Where will it take place, for example: indoors or outdoors – or a combination of the two? Who are your attendees and what’s the purpose of the event? A social occasion with family and friends is likely to need different catering arrangements to a more formal business conference.
  • How long will your event run for, when do you want coffee served and how much? Standard packages come for a set number of hours. You want to allow the company time to set up and clear away afterwards, so factor this into your planning.
  • How flexible is the company you’re thinking of hiring? If this is your first time running an event and you’re not sure how it will go, you may not be able to anticipate all the finer details. Check how a prospective service provider usually copes with unexpected demand. Can they extend the facility if necessary, for example?
  • What will be on offer? You’re hiring a coffee van, so you’ll expect that, of course! But what about those who don’t drink coffee, what provision will be made for them? Ask to see the menu; but also ask the company for their recommendations. They’ll have done hundreds of events before and will be able to give plenty of advice on what usually goes down well.

Standard packages are great and take a lot of the decision-making off your things to do list. But even better is a company that provides mobile coffee services tailored precisely to your event, so don’t forget to ask if the supplier in question allows bespoke arrangements to be discussed.